Baking Lives Better

Brownie Treats Posted from £12 + p&p



Who we are

We are Rise Bakery, based just off Brick Lane in East London.You can find some of the best brownies, cakes, and cookies going here, all made individually by hand in our kitchen. They're great as gifts, and are also available for corporate and wholesale orders


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What's in it for me?

It's your lucky day. You can order our delicious chocolate brownies posted straight to your desk or door. They make perfect gifts - whether for Birthdays, thank you gifts, father's day or mother's day... you get the picture!



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Social Enterprise

“All our delicious cakes are baked by people who used to be homeless. We train them up to help them find work and get their confidence back.
We’re part of Providence Row, a homelessness charity based in the East-End of


I meant to say how delicious the brownies were. I shared the last one with my eldest brother, James, yesterday, while during a 15 mile walk. ‘The best brownies I’ve ever eaten,’ he declared, and he’s eaten a few in his time. I tend to agree.
— Matthew Fort, ex-Guardian Food Editor & Judge, Great British Menu